Technical advantages
Technical advantages
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    1、in the cutting process using CNC cutting system, the use of new cutting gas propane, with high efficiency, low cost characteristics and safety, environmental protection and other characteristics, for thick steel cutting, can effectively save energy consumption and reduce costs.
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    2、In the matte process and assembly process, respectively, the use of more efficient pneumatic grinding machine and pneumatic pull, with minimal consumption to provide high torque output, improve work efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
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    3、The project produces high-precision high-speed CNC punch with two-handed control photoelectric protection technology, pneumatic brake technology, the second drop multiple protection technology, automatic feeding technology, products meet the Japanese JIS1 technical standards, material utilization can be increased by 4 ~ 8%.
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    4、Product energy-saving effect is obvious. Compared with ordinary punch, a single high-precision high-speed precision punch can save 25 to 35%, according to each punch work 12 hours a day, the daily energy saving 13 kilowatt hours, according to the annual work of 308 days, Taiwan annual energy saving 4004 kwh.
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