Why choose us
Why choose us


  • Besides jis standards as well as the in-built over-travel circuit and restart prevention circuit, the photoelectric protection device, the overload protection device, the duplex magnetic valve, etc are also configured as the standard settings of the equipment so as to effectively protect the personal security of the operators and the use security of the equipment

  • Such key components as bearing, seal ring, brake frication plate, oil pressure overload protection device, magnetic valve and electrical element concerning the security protection are all directly imported from foreign countries

Turnkey Solutions

  • The company has the capability of independently designing and manufacturing of the forging equipment and the peripheral automation equipment, and can also provide the reasonable pressing automation solutions and turnkey projects concerning the mald design, transfer press modeling mechanical arm and other peripheral devices and control systems through customization.

  • Therefore, you only need to provide the drawings of the parts produced, and accordingly we can design the most professional, most practica ble and most cost-effective pressing production line for you.


  • Widely used in a variety of batch production of metal sheet metal processing punching shear, forming, drawing bend ing and multipurpose processing. Such as traffic vehicles, clocks and watches, home appliances, stationery, hardware computer, precision electronics, electronic components, medical machinery, and other products processing. At the same time can be equipped with automatic feeder, automatic transfer in whole production line processing.

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