Automatic mask machine
Automatic mask machine

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Brief introduction of automatic mask production line

  • The working principle of the mask machine is to load the multilayer non-woven fabric from the roll material and carry out the forming machine. Folding and pressing, nose bridge tending, mask forming, mask cutting, ear band feeding and welding, finished product unloading, etc. Make a mask with a certain filtering performance. The mask production line is not a single machine. It consists of a feeding part, a molding machine, a conveying line, and an earband welding machine. It is a complete automated production line combined with different machines.

Classification of mask machine

  • Mask machines in the market are generally divided into: HS-30P, HS-40P plane mask machine, cup mask machine, duck mouth mask machine, folding mask machine, gauze mask machine and so on.

  • Plane mask machines can be divided according to the types of mask earbands; inner ear mask machines, outer ear mask machines, and band mask machines. These types of masks require the use of molding machines, which are an integral part of the mask production line.

Mask types and materials

  • 1. Ordinary gauze masks. This type of mask is most commonly used in winter in the north. In addition to filtering, it also has a warming effect, but it can only filter larger particulate matter, and it cannot filter viruses and fine particles.

  • 2. Ordinary medical disposable masks are the easiest masks that everyone can buy in a pharmacy.

  • 3. Medical surgical masks. These masks are similar to ordinary disposable masks, but they are slightly larger. Sometimes they are not elastic bands for hanging ears, but are used. This is the most commonly recommended mask for ordinary virus protection. This mask It can filter 95% of viruses in the air.

  • 4. Dust masks. These masks can block fine particles, bacteria, and viruses, such as N95 masks. Currently, N95 (American Standard), KN95 (China Standard), FFP2, FFP3 (European Standard) can be seen on the market. The higher the level of protection, the higher the protection level. It is generally used by medical personnel in contact with patients. Ordinary people can use ordinary three-layer medical masks.

  • 5. Other masks: KP series, P series masks for preventing soot, dust, and oil mist; duplex half-mask, full-face masks. These masks are commonly used by workers who spray paint or workers in high-dust workplaces.

Material of the mask

  • For the manufacture of masks, all the raw material fibers are polypropylene (PP), and medical masks are generally referred to as SMS structures. The spunbond layer is a single layer, and the meltblown layer is divided into single or multiple layers according to the filtering requirements. The "melt-blown cloth" is commonly known as the "heart" of the mask. It is the filter layer in the middle of the mask. It has good filterability, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption.

  • Polypropylene high-fusing non-woven fabrics are the best choice for masks. It can also be used in a variety of medical supplies such as disposable surgical gowns, sheets, covers, liquid absorption pads and so on. These materials are sourced from some chemical companies such as Sinopec, Qilu Petrochemical, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical, Maoming Petrochemical, etc.

Working principle of automatic mask machine

  • HS-P30 series full-automatic medical face mask machine (one for two), adopts servo and constant temperature control system to control the material feeding from coils, folding and pressing, nose bridge tending, mask forming, mask cutting 、 Earband feeding and welding, finished product unloading can be completed at one time. The whole set of production process is fully automated without manual assistance.

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1. Features of equipment
☆ Using aluminum alloy structure, beautiful and solid without rust
☆ Computer PLC programming control, high stability, low failure rate and low noise
☆ Imported servo motor and stepper motor drive, high precision
☆ Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste
☆ One body can be connected with 1-3 inner ear straps or outer ear straps as required
☆ The machine adopts pulleys and fixed feet, which is convenient and fast to move, strong in stability, and does not shake
☆ This model is equipped with a new advanced conveyor belt, with high accuracy, no manual counting, just sorting and packing
☆ Equipment can be modified according to product requirements, product size, length and thickness
☆ Different earband machines can be configured according to different production orders, which is economical and practical

2. Equipment installation and configuration requirements
☆ Equipment size: about 7000mm (L) × 6500mm (W) × 1900mm (H)
☆ Equipment weight: ≤5000kg, ground load ≤500KG / m2
☆ Compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa, the use flow rate is about 300L / min
☆ Operating environment: temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃, humidity 5-35% HR, no flammable, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanness no less than 100,000)

3. Equipment production capacity:
☆ Production efficiency: 80-100ppm
☆ Qualification rate of equipment production: 99% (except that the incoming materials do not meet the requirements, or the employees' improper operation is excluded)
☆ Equipment failure rate: 2% (refers to the failure caused by the equipment itself)

4. Production specifications:
☆ Standard type: 175 × 95mm
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